Here is the follow-up collection to Priscila Uppal’s Winter Sport: Poems. Uppal, who was the poet-in-residence for Canadian Athletes Now during the 201SummerSportFrontCoverLoRezFramed0 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is currently in London writing about the Summer Olympics with the characteristic wit and whimsy that made Winter Sport: Poems such a popular title. As before, physical and verbal acrobatics will meet in a dazzling competition of risky play, inventive movements, and daring heights.

It will fulfill all your summer sport poetry needs and is now available to order through Mansfield Press.

Praise for Summer Sports: Poems

“[T]hese lines highlight the differences between athletes and nature, they bring sports and the arts together and allude to their ability to elicit wonderment from those who are able to appreciate what can be generated from the efforts of human bodies and minds.”

–Ekraz Singh, Existere: A Journal of Arts and Literature


“Uppal’s words bring back the highlights of the events going beyond what the media coverage did…[N]ot only an excellent review of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, it is a testament to the beauty of athletics itself. A great read.”

Inkwell Book Blog


“I think all her books are delicious.”

–Dave Bidini, Hazlitt