sport anthology cover may 2009The Exile Book of Canadian Sports Stories, featuring 26 short stories by some of Canada’s most famous writers, will be released in the fall of 2009.  Including classic stories such as Roch Carrier’s “The Hockey Sweater,” Morley Callaghan’s “The Chiseler,” and W. P. Kinsella’s “Diehard,” and Mordecai Richler’s “Playing Ball on Hampstead Heath,” and new favourites such as Dionne Brand’s “I Used to Like the Dallas Cowboys,” Linda Griffiths’ “a Game of Inches,” Steven Heighton’s “A Right Like Yours,” and Diane Schoemperlen’s “Hockey Night in Canada.” Featuring Charlie Pachter’s famous Moose on a Diving Board on the cover, you won’t be able to stop yourself from diving in, again and again.  A perfect gift for any sports lover.

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“[A] lively anthology…many of these stories acquire their poignancy from the gap between the feelings of the protagonists and their ability to express them…the subject of this anthology—those beautiful, exhilarating moments when the body expresses itself through sport.”

–Philip Marchand, The National Post 

“The stories and good and demanding…Teleky and Uppal have gathered together two compelling collections of stories…highly readable and a dabbler’s delight.”

–Bill Robertson, Vancouver Sun 

“The book deftly assembles work from some surprising sources…and holds a high standard for inclusion, as every selection is worth reading in its own right…Uppal has given the reader a diverse selection of Canadian sports writing…a thoughtful and considered anthology. Even if you’re not a sports fan, this book should be on your shelf.”

–Andrew Faulkner, Broken Pencil Magazine 

“As with any good anthology, the diversity of themes and styles by different authors increases its attraction and is what will make it appealing to a wide range of readers. It will also serve as a pleasant introduction to Canadian literature through the Canadian sports story, and may already have done so for foreign visitors during the winter 2010 Olympics…a delight to reread the classics…Uppal’s “Vertigo” proves most energizing…a well-balanced, satisfying mix of popular stories and those less well known.”

–Gillian Harding-Russell, Prairie Fire