In Priscila Uppal’s sixth major collection of poetry, the standards by which we define our mental, physical, and spiritual health are dissected in the poet’s holistic laboratory. Men with wands patrol the neighbourhood charting cellular death, past selves smuggle themselves aboard airplanes for exotic trips, while the unhappy spin the psychological wheel of blame. Playful, satirical, surreal, yet unflinchingly humane in its examination of states of being, this new collection by one of Canada’s most unique talents will change the way you think about your body, your mind, and your spirit. And will lead you off into uncharted regions.

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Praise for Traumatology

“Uppal is the type of poet this reviewer admires for her refusal to rest on past accomplishements. In each collection…she opens a new door into her fervid poetic imagination…Uppal handles [all the poems] with the adeptness of an accomplished poet which, you will discover, she is.”

–John Cunningham, Arc Poetry Journal 

Traumatology is a clever and often irreverent collection of poems demonstrating freshness of vision and humour…With its uniquely extended metaphors drawn from such diverse disciplines as physical training, law, sociology and politics, the subject matter is often wrenched through some metaphysical point of similarity into the unexpected, where humour in its tenuous somersaulting connection becomes oddly sardonic…an engaging read…Uppal’s technique represents an application of something resembling Donne’s metaphysical conceit to Absurdist effect while the impassive logic of her structures veil an underlying passion with irony and darkest of humour.”

–Gillian Hardin Russell, Prairie Fire

Traumatology is wry, bawdy, bold and completely honest…Uppal courageously leads readers into insecurities, fears, personal histories and personal fury…. If poetry is, as William Wordsworth suggested, ‘the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings,’ then Uppal allows herself to fulfill this directive to its ultimate level of intensity.”

–Harold Heft, Montreal Gazette

“[T]he poems feel like they are playing tag with the many ways we can feel well/unwell, leaping from sex to peer pressure to digestion…a hilarious romp…Uppal troubles the binary of mind/body and revises the traditional notion of the mind dominating the body. Flaunting a flair for a theme and exploring it from many angles, Uppal’s Traumatology entertains while encouraging reflection on the medicalization of the body and ontological discourses of many kinds.”

–Angela Hibbs, Broken Pencil Magazine