Have you ever wondered what a luge poem or snowboarding poem or hockey poem would look like?

In this collection by celebrated poet, Priscila Uppal, physical and verbal acrobatics meet in a dazzling competition of risky play, inventive movements, and daring heights. Try a speed skating suit on for size, slide down the skeleton track, seek out a date with a curler, make love to a snowboarder, and play hockey with the nation’s best; experience sport fun like never before.

The majority of these winter sport poems were written over the course of six weeks as Uppal was poet-in-residence for Canadian Athletes Now (a charity that supports Canadian elite athletes) during the Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics, with a stopover in Grande Prairie, Alberta to take in the Arctic Games in between. During the Olympics and Paralympics, Uppal wrote at least two peoms per day, plus a blog documenting the games, as she celebrated with Canadian Olympians at CANFund’s Athlete House by reading and writing them poems about their beloved winter sports and Team Canada’s achievements. While these poems are inextricably linked to the memories of these historic events, they speak beyond these specific games to past, present, and future sport competitions, and to the timeless wonder of sport and play in the imagination. There is a poem here for every winter sport category.

An amazing way to enjoy your favourite sports! Here is a book of poetry even non-poetry readers will love! A great gift idea for the sport or poetry lovers in your life. Plus Uppal will be donating her royalties to CANFund, thereby supporting a legacy of future Olympians.

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Praise for Winter Sport: Poems

“Uppal’s poems are a true pleasure to read! They are gold medal mateiral and filled with pure heart and soul.”

–Jennifer Botterill, 3-time Olympic Gold medallist, Women’s Hockey (2002, 2006, 2010)


“Uppal’s poems are a wonderful culmination of the Canadian Olympic experience.”

–Jon Morris, Olympic Gold medallist, Men’s Curling (2010)


“The athletic and the esthetic ice-dance a duet in this collection of fast, fun verse form the winter olympics’ first poet-in-residence.”

–Steven Heighton, award-winning author of The Shadow Boxer and The Ecstacy of Skeptics



“From one of Canada’s most dynamic poets come sports poems that are playful, funny, and full of trick moves. Uppal’s wordplay is as muscular as the athletes she celebrates.”

–Gil Adamson, award-winning author of The Outlander and Ashland



“This book should be in every library in the country!”

–Jungle Jim Hunter, original Crazy Canuck, Olympic Bronze medallist, Downhill Skiing, 1972, FAN 960 Radio